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Helpful Tips and Documents

Updating your hotPage will update
your posts/listings/contact info on the entire network.

Efficient, Effective, Simple

Admin Tools are located at the top right of every page for easy access.

You may also quickly jump to your hotpage IF you are logged in. (The hotPage icon only displays IF you are logged in).
You may create and edit from nearly any page on the network.
Your drafts are only available from the Tools page.
The delete featured is only available from your HotAdmin.
Click on HERE to access our private Facebook group. You may also call, text or email Jo Jones. 940-577-7919
If you forgot your password you may request it HERE.

My Account

My Account: Contact Info ~ Your contact info is updated in you 'My Account'.
This info displays in the footer of all your 'hotPages'. We require that you validate your account at least once a year.

My Account: About Us ~ Your 'About Us' section displays on your hot home page. The HTML editor allows you to add unlimited text, formatted text, unlimited images, hyper-links... to your home page.

You may embed videos from Facebook, youTube, Vimeo.

How To Embed Video

 edit with html editor The HTML editor allows you to upload unlimited images using the file manager, upload and link documents, add formatted text...
  • Upload Unlimited Images
  • Crop/Edit Your Images
  • Select from Server, your phone or computer
  • Format your text with bullets...
  • Add hyper-links

Horse Timeline

Videos, Pics, Events Highlights display nicely on your horses timeline as well as to your horse posts page.

Here are some timeline examples.

You are Important to Us

This is site is built with the busy horse professional in mind as well as the horse owner who is looking for easy tools to manage and display horse pics and videos.
Need help?
No problem. We offer data entry for horse profiles, posts, horse posts as well as custom website design and development.
Need a new look?
We offer custom graphic design for your header, profile, logo as well as all your business needs.


We have click to share enabled on many pages.

Giddy Up, Go!

Watch us grow or GROW WITH US!

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While you are logged in you may edit your horses anywhere on the Performance Horse Network using the edit horse icon next to your horse.

Choose what fits you! Free hotPage, custom hotSite ~ lease/manage a hot network site.

For more information or if you require assistance please contact Jolene Jones Cell 940-577-7919